08 September, 2012

TARDIS drinks cupboard

I found this image on Facebook, shared by a friend of a friend, but not created by them. I'm posting it here because I haven't been able to find it anywhere else on the internet (Google, you have finally failed me!!) and something this cool needs to be somewhere other than Facebook.

The small TARDIS on the top shelf is apparently an ice bucket although one Facebook comment suggested it's where the rest of the cellar is concealed. :) Another indicated that the cabinet would be significantly enhanced by a remote-controlled K9 drinks trolley, which has to be the second-best idea ever, the best of course being the cabinet itself.

So, anyone who is wanting present ideas for me now knows what to obtain. This Christmas would be good thank you.

1 comment:

  1. Significant improvements could be had by usage of mirrors in the interior, rather than what you might expect to see on the outside. Or perhaps a perspective painting showing the engine and control panels.

    Perhaps not a mirrored floor, however.