21 August, 2011

Brisbane BCC waste vouchers

I have the standard rate-payer's set of Brisbane City Council waste vouchers for ewaste, green waste, and general waste. Traditionally, I keep them in a kitchen drawer until a fortnight before expiry and then stuff them in my neighbour's letterbox in the hope that they'll be used by a family of four who have overflowing rubbish bins every single damn week. However, I have recently started keeping foodstuffs in my kitchen drawers so I need to do something more experimental with this year's vouchers.

So, who wants them? They expire on 31 July 2012 so there's no hurry to claim some. I'll probably repost this on 31 June 2012 if there's any left. (BTW, we need a metric calendar system.)

When meeting the lucky winner(s) to present them with their vouchers, I reserve the right to hand over a small stash of my own ewaste. :)

(And for the pendantic among us, which includes me, yes I KNOW the title contains a tautology. "BCC" with no context doesn't immediately bring "Brisbane" to mind [an important consideration for a post that is viewable around the world], and "Brisbane City Council" is too long to make an efficient title, and "Brisbane CC" is so little used it doesn't invoke any meaning.)

1 comment:

  1. Hello there, I would love the vouchers as I could put them to good use. My name is Jill and I live in Jindalee (m) 0411 101 197.