07 August, 2010

Monocle: an in-browser eBook reader

From inventivelabs.com.au:
Monocle is an ebook reader. It works in modern web browsers, using standard technologies. It runs in desktop browsers and on mobile devices. It's awesome in Safari and Chrome (the browsers used on iPhone OS and Android devices), increasingly awesome in Firefox, and workable in more standards-fearing browsers like Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

We've open-sourced it under the MIT licence, which is the most liberal of the mainstream software licences.

Monocle is drop-in. You can embed a "book" on any webpage with two lines of code - one to include the library, one to initialize the reader. Monocle is approximately 25kb and has no dependencies on external JavaScript libraries.

Monocle is as you like it. Out of the box it simply lets you turn the pages. It's lean. But you can add controls - page numbers, tables of contents, scrubbers (to jump to a different place in the book), font-size magnifiers - or you can code your own. The reader is rendered in CSS3; it can be made to look like pretty much anything.
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