14 June, 2010

Customers warned of illegal cafe holiday surcharges

From ABC news at www.abc.net.au:
Patrons are being urged to report cafes and restaurants which charge illegal public holiday surcharges over the long weekend.

Under an amendment to the Trade Practices Act last year, eateries were banned from charging weekend or public holiday surcharges and were required to supply a separate menu if they wished to charge extra during busy periods.

.. Choice spokesman [said] "It's been over a year now... I think perhaps it's now important for consumers to remind restaurants that if they charge a surcharge - be it 10 per cent or anything else - that it has got to be included, bundled into the restaurant price, and not added on as a percentage afterwards."

The Restaurant and Caterers Association says many eateries are probably not aware of the ban... "I think the ACCC was very slow off the blocks getting information to the industry as to what its obligations were."
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